Ron Artest Psychiatrist

Ron Artest Psychiatrist     At the end of the Lakers vs Celtics 2010 Game 7, Ron Artest had an interview.  Not just any interview.  Probably the most epic post-game interview of all time.  And a Ron Artest psychiatrist definitely felt the love in his list of thanks.  Apparently she really kept him thinking straight and [...]


Lakers vs Celtics 2010 Game 7

Lakers vs Celtics 2010 Game 7 The 2010 NBA Finals was a wild ride for all who watched.  And the Lakers vs Celtics 2010 Game 7 was the pinnacle of the confusion.  Largely due to the major contributions of Ron Artest and a Ron Artest psychiatrist, the Los Angeles Lakers came away the 2010 NBA [...]


2010 NBA Champions

2010 NBA Champions     For years to come, whenever someone mentions the 2010 NBA Champions, you will instantly remember all the aftermath from Lakers vs Celtics 2010 Game 7 – Kobe Bryant’s face-consuming smile, Pau Gasol’s title-prompted tears, Derek Fisher’s champagne-soaked beard, Ron Artest‘s family reunion – and think of what it looked like [...]


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