Angelina Jolie Leg

Angelina Jolie Leg

Angelina Jolie Leg

Angelina Jolie Leg

Angelina Jolie’s leg has become, arguably, one of the biggest internet memes in recent times.

First to imitate Jolie’s pose at the Oscars was The Descendants co-writer Jim Rash during the Oscars itself. Now, people are still posting photos of themselves on social networking sites imitating Jolie’s pose.

According to Global Language Monitor (GLM), which tracks trends in language use worldwide, the “Jolie Leg” meme was the “largest I-Meme ever recorded” by GLM.

“The ‘Jolie Leg’ meme registered  at Level 4 (out of 5) on the GLM Internet Meme Intensity Index  (IMII),” GLM said in a press release.

“Internet Memes can best be conceived as thoughts or ideas rather than words, since they can and often do encompass sounds, photos, and text.   They are propagated through every imaginable form of electronic communications, eventually surfacing in the traditional print and electronic media.  They are  propagated globally in a matter of minutes or hours, or days,” said Paul JJ Payack, GLM’s president and chief word analyst.

Akin to previous memes such as the infamous Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) meme, where officials were Photoshopped into various locations from the pyramids in Egypt to the sets of popular TV shows, Jolie’s leg has been superimposed on famous photos, in what the media and social media aggregators have also termed “legbombing.”

The legbombs range from cute and funny to downright weird—imagine Jolie’s head edited onto a single leg, “walking” on a red carpet.

Twitter account @AngiesRightLeg now has 44,577 followers. The account only has 31 tweets as of press time, but the jump in followers from 12,000 within a few hours after the account was created can be said to be admirable.

On Pinterest, BuzzFeed’s “Legbombing” page has 3018 followers as of press time, and 61 pins.

The Tumblr page dedicated to Jolie’s leg and legbombing is now 12 pages long.

Even Jay Leno didn’t miss out on a chance to make leg jokes—Jolie’s leg was edited onto a clip of Hillary Clinton and shown on the Tonight Show.

Even Steve Harvey had to get in on the action. He introduced us to what we at RegalFly now like to call, “the dude leg bomb”…


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